AC Cleaner cleaning of air conditioners, refrigeration units and professional kitchen hoods

AC Cleaner is a cleaning and disinfection service for all types air conditioners, chilled water cooling units, Roof top, cold rooms, refrigeration units and Professional kitchen hoods, etc...

Currently in Israel, 98% of air conditioners are not maintained which represent a health risk.
This neglect is one of the causes of mortality for many people.

Why should you clean your air conditioner ?

  • - Avoid electrical over-consumption of 25 to 30%.
  • - Help preserve the environment by reducing your electricity consumption.
  • - For your health, your family members or your staff.
  • - To avoid any risk of bacterial contamination, a poorly maintained air conditioner is full of pathological elements such as Legionella and other mold.
  • - It can also cause allergies, unhealthy building syndrome, dry mouth, sinus congestion, difficulty wearing contact lenses and sneezing, etc.

Why use AC Cleaner Israel ?

  • - Ac Cleaner Israel, it is a team made up of professionals of refrigeration and maintenance of refrigeration units.
  • - The guarantee of a thorough cleaning and total disinfection using exclusive technology for perfect hygiene of air..
  • - The guarantee guarantee of a neat, clean and finished work.
  • - The use of a natural product certified organic, specially adapted to your equipment, in accordance with the public health regulations.
  • - Our products are Kosher Certified and certified by the Israeli Standards Department..

Note :

Shopping centers, hotels, government offices, businesses, hospitals and clinics have a duty to perform periodic maintenance of air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and kitchen hoods.
In the event that this maintenance is not followed or carried out and the organization is unable to present a certificate proving the periodic maintenance of air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and kitchen hoods, the person will find without cover from its insurance company in case of consequences related to negligence.
The organization will be responsible and will have to pay any fees and expenses that may result.

   What are the unfortunate risks ?
   - Risk of bacterial contamination leading to serious illness.
   - Risk of fire in kitchen hoods.

There is a law n ° 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 article 179 in France and a law AFNOR 15780 followed by many countries including Israel related to the certification ISO-9001: Implementing the right recognized to everyone to breathe an air that does not harm his health.
Laws strongly recommended by the World Health Office, which mainly concerns public places.

What differentiates our work from that of a traditional technician ?

  • - The use of machines and equipment specially designed for deep cleaning and disinfection.
  • - The use of a specially designed product according to the cleaning or disinfection to be carried out.
  • - A specific product for the evaporator and a different one for the condenser.
  • - A product suitable for each type of appliance: kitchen hood or mechanical ventilation.
  • - Products approved by the Israeli Standards Department.
  • - Removal of bad odors.
  • - Air flow measurements are taken before and after the intervention.
  • - Submission of a detailed report of the findings and subsequent intervention.
  • - Guaranteed restoration of the original cold performance.
  • - Guaranteed clean and neat work.

AC Cleaner Israel guarantees real and measurable results:

  • - Energy saving.
  • - Improved air quality.
  • - An increase of the devices efficiency.
  • - A reduction of breakdowns.
  • - A responsible approach: natural products and eco-certification.

Free audits and quotes all over Israel

Professionals or individuals, you have more than 4 air conditioning units, you can benefit without any obligation, a free demonstration, of our services on one of your devices.

AC Cleaner, an exclusive concept

Our microbiological maintenance concept is a fungal and bactericidal decontamination technology for air conditioners using a machine designed by F.R and AC Cleaner Ltd to meet the exacting standards of cleaning and disinfection.

All the technicality is based on our various inventions of materials and tools to guarantee our services.
It is an exclusive concept for all models and brands of air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
Unrivaled know-how transmitted by our training center based in France and Israel within our production unit ensures uniformity of quality whatever the agency or the place of exploitation.
Machines, tools, from F.R and AC Cleaner Ltd offer services in all sectors of activity using air conditioning systems, but also for private individuals.

In constant technology, the Company demonstrates through its inventions that the maintenance of air-conditioning equipment becomes an obligation.
Moving from observation to solution will be a major axis of progress in terms of health and environment.

Our exclusive technical and know-how allow us to be positioned on 4 areas of expertise:

   1. Microbiological maintenance of air conditioning systems, reversible heaters and refrigerated zone evaporators (cold rooms)
          - Administration, tertiary, hotel trade, shops, cold rooms, ...
   2. Cleaning of air handling and ventilation units.
          - Hospital, administration, industrial, ...
   3. Cleaning of cold production units.
          - Hospital, administration, industrial, refrigerated platform, central kitchen, food industry, ...
   4. Professional cleaning of cooking hoods.
          - Traditional restoration, fast food, community kitchen, ...

We use a range of specific and exclusive products for our agencies and customers.
Four references are developed on a 100% natural and biodegradable range
- Degreaser "AC+"
- Degreaser “AC Désinfectant” – AC Disinfectant
- Degreaser “AC Hotte” – AC Kitchen Hood
- Degreaser “AC condensat”- AC Condensate
Eco-certified products that give an additional advantage in an eco-responsible and sustainable approach.
Safety for technicians but also for customers.

You can download here our safety and technical sheets as well as various product certificates.
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