AC Cleaner

AC Cleaner exist for more than 10 years, the concept was born in an overseas department and then the company settled in France 7 years ago where it began to produce its machines for Europe and now to all destinations.
This concept was born following MP Lionel Luca's bill to regulate the maintenance of air-conditioning systems.
The scientific and political world denounces the dangers of poorly maintained air conditioning systems.

Today AC Cleaner is present in Israel, AC Cleaner acts as a service provider for cleaning and disinfection on any type of refrigeration unit such as individual and collective air conditioners of any power, central air-conditioning, central air-conditioning Roof-top, cold room, refrigerated furniture but also mechanical ventilation and professional kitchen hoods.

AC Cleaner is an exclusive, unparalleled concept using the latest technology to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Our clients are administrations, health centers (hospitals, clinics, etc.), shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, laboratories but also individuals.

AC Cleaner sale equipment and products for the maintenance air conditioner on Israel and also export to the world.

AC Cleaner offers jobs within its structure but allows you to create your own job by becoming a franchisee of the brand and the concept, working in a market of more than 10 million air conditioning systems not counting refrigeration equipment of any kind and kitchen hoods in restaurant, hotel, etc...
Envy of independence, rewarding income ... join us!

AC Cleaner is not intended to provide installation and repair services but to be a partner for refrigerators, installers and resellers of air conditioners.
Make AC Cleaner your partner to increase your turnover and give more prestige to the profession of refrigerator !

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