The AC Cleaner label

AC Cleaner has created its Label which guarantees to all its partners a conformity of service whatever the AC Cleaner Agency.
A technicality defined in a repository corresponding to a quality charter :
The development of the reference framework and the organization of the monitoring of compliance with the commitments of this label was made in collaboration with the independent organizations "BFLEX ®" and "OBJECTIF DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE ®" specialized in supporting companies in the field of quality, safety and the environment.

The Label's commitment charter is made with the aim of initiating a dynamic process to improve our activities. This labeling aims to change the service provided to our customers, as well as the behavior of our network members, and ultimately to realize all our actions in a sustainable development approach.
A recognition for the establishments open to the public who can communicate on a responsible hygiene for the maintenance of their air conditioners.

A POS advertisement is provided to them:
• platelets
• Square review
• Flyer label
• Sticker label

Hotel, restaurant, company Our label is a plus for you, a certification for your customers and your personal to breathe a quality area!

Understanding how an air conditioner works


The evaporator installed in a room can be compared to a vacuum cleaner.

(A) The ambient air is sucked in by the effect of the rotating turbine (1).
(2) Air passes through filters.
It is cooled or heated according to the operating mode by passing through the battery (3).
In cold mode the condensation produced on the battery flows into the condensate tray (4).
(B) The air thus cooled or heated is pulsed by the turbine towards the planned openings.
Whatever the model and the system the principle is the same.
Recessed or visible, a device has a battery (3 radiators), a condensate tray (4 water tank), a turbine (1 Fan) and filters (2).
The air is sucked through the filter and rejected without filtering.
It is therefore essential that the interior elements are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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